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Dr.Sonaa Kakar MD


Psychiatrist , Practitioner,  Certified  Trainer & Supervisor of

Intensive Short – Term Dynamic Psychotherapy for the treatment of Psychoneurotic Disorders.

                                                     Co Chair(2021) and Chairperson(2022) Psychotherapy subcommittee of the Indian Psychiatric society

 For personal therapy sessions

  For enrolling as an ISTDP trainee –istdpindia@gmail.com


Office and Therapy Chamber

Columbus Hospital, 1-10-63/4/1,Prakash Nagar Metro Station, Old Patigadda, Chikoti Gardens, Begumpet,, Hyderabad, Telangana 500016




Dr. Sonaa Kakar MD is a Psychiatrist with an additional  training in Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy .

Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy through scientific study has been found to be effective in treating nearly 80 % of out patient psychiatric problems, which includes Resistant Depression , Psychosomatic disorders, Panic Attacks and Generalized Anxiety disorders, Personality Disorders , Eating Disorders and  Sexual Disorders.

After many years of  Psychiatry and Psychotherapy practice ,she was convinced that only a good Psychotherapy teaching program over several years with supervision of her work by experts will help her become a better clinician and  offer hope and treatment to more complex and difficult to treat patients.

Unfortunately,it became impossible to find good courses and teachers in India as psychotherapy was still very new and not taught scientifically enough.

She enrolled for a Core training in Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy ,the first of its kind in India offered by two remarkable internationally acclaimed trainers and psychotherapists Dr.Thomas Brod MD and author and a great teacher Jon Frederickson MSW.

She travelled 4 times a year to another city  consistently for 4 years ,never ever missing a single opportunity to learn this wonderful technique of  Psychodynamic Psychotherapy as painstakingly discovered by the founder of ISTDP and taught by two eminent therapists .

Each year she felt her ability to take up more and more complex presentations was enhanced . The patients responses encouraged her to keep learning and she continued learning further for 10 years.

In 2016 ,she was delighted to receive an invitation from Dr.Habib Davanloo MD , The founder of Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy to attend his Annual Conference on the Metapsychology of the Unconscious at Montreal, Canada .

Dr. Davanloo  has revolutionized the way Psychotherapy is taught through video recording sessions and closely observing each session to find the most helpful intervention on a case to case basis.

With a view to share this wonderful technique with other therapists, in 2017 and 2018 she organized  two workshops on ISTDP and invited Dr Thomas Brod MD as Faculty to Hyderabad.

In 2019 Jon Frederickson Author of  Three Outstanding Books, and The Founder of the ISTDP Institute graciously gave her an offer to join his  Training of Trainers program in order to teach ISTDP to Indian Psychiatrists and Psychologists who wish to learn.

In 2020 ,She initiated a new Core training course (2020) for three years which is certified by the ISTDP Institute Washington DC. In 2021 she began the second batch interested to learn ISTDP over three years. In 2023 she began the third batch . In addition she continues teaching small groups of therapists who want to pick up new skills.



She completed her MD in 1997 from Sarojini Naidu Medical College Agra.
She did her MBBS from Maharani Laxmi Bai medical College Jhansi


1.One year of Pre core and a Four year long Core Training 

 from the ISTDP Institute Washington DC with Dr Thomas Brod and Jon Frederickson

2.Training of trainers in ISTDP(2019) with Jon Frederickson
from the ISTDP Institute

3.Advanced Training in ISTDP since 2020  with Jon Frederickson 


1.Dr.Thomas M Brod MD, DFAPA
Associate Clinical Professor, Psychiatry
Geffen UCLA School of Medicine

2.Jon Frederickson MSW
Author, Co Chair the ISTDP institute Washington DC .

Co-Creating Change: effective dynamic therapy techniques
The Lies We Tell Ourselves: how to face the truth, accept yourself, and create a better life
Co-Creating Safety: Healing the Fragile Patient

Dr. Sonaa Kakar was also invited to  the 37th Annual Conference on the Metpsychology of the Unconscious By Dr Habib Davanloo MD( MC Gill University), founder of Short term Dynamic Psychotherapy @ Montreal to learn from him.


She is a fellow of the Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS). 

Member of the International Experiential Dynamic Therapy  Association.

Founding member of  Psychodermatology Association of India


Ethical and Legal Issues in the Process and drop outs of Marital and Family therapy in India

Sexual Transference Towards a therapist in the mid Phase of short term dynamic therapy -A case Report

Integrating Cognitive restructuring within Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for  Erectile dysfunction 


Dr Sonaa is currently offering a three year training and supervision program to Psychotherapists in India in Intensive Short Term Dynamic psychotherapy . This course carries a certificate from the ISTDP institute after completion.

In addition she offers Psychotherapy training workshops online

For teaching workshops go to upcoming events page


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