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It is well known that as psychotherapists we want to continue to evolve into better therapists and it happens by understanding the client and his conscious and unconscious conflicts as well as paying attention to our own conflicts and experiences which may drive the therapy process.

In all the work we do the primary driving force continues to be an alliance, both the conscious therapeutic alliance as well as the more important unconscious therapeutic alliance. It has been found that if the patient and the therapist are not able to form an alliance in the first few sessions, the chances of the patient dropping out are much higher .

The practice of psychotherapy requires experience, intuition and also a skill set. The skill of the therapist is one important factor in determining outcomes in therapy. Research tells us that outcomes in therapy were consistently better when patients felt that their therapist was skilled. Along with specific therapist attributes of compassion and empathy, the skills of the therapist played an extremely important role in positive outcomes in therapy. Skills can be acquired through training and regular supervision. Initially every technique seems hard to learn. It is quite like when we begin to learn to play a new sport. Initially it looks difficult, but as we learn to pay attention to the moves used by the opponent, as well as our own, we can acquire a box full of different interventions to achieve mastery.

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