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Online appointments

online psychodynamic psychotherapy IndiaIntensive Short term Dynamic Psychotherapy sessions can be done online.

To book an online therapy slot :

  1. You need to have high speed internet
  2.  A laptop
  3. An undisturbed place for the duration of the session.
  4. You  must not  have a history of suicide attempts/psychiatric hospitalizations/substance abuse .

Process :

  1. Please read the Teleconference guidelines here
  2. You can send a mail with a brief outline of your problem to centreforemotions@gmail.com
  3. You will then get the information regarding
    a) Available Slots
    b) Fee Structure
    c) Adult Intake Forms and Consent For Teleconsultation
  4.  After filling the forms mail them back.
  5.  An assessment session  lasting 90 minutes can be booked by fee transfer to Pay Pal
  6.  After that session if you and the doctor feel that both the therapy and the digital format may be useful to you please fill and send the consent for Online Therapy before booking  further sessions .

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