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How is Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy different

1 THE THERAPIST DOES NOT ADVISE This therapy is non Directive, though the therapist and client actively work together towards achieving therapeutic goals . Whereas in most therapies the person is guided to think or behave in certain ways, in this therapy advice or interpretations are avoided and the client assisted to build his own capacity to be the driver of his actions based on his emotions and wants.

2.IT IS A PSYCHOTHERAPY REQUIRING WILL AND HIGH MOTIVATION  In this form of therapy emotions are felt,experienced and mastered unlike most other therapies where there is passive listening and thinking.

3.THE FOCUS IS ON CONFLICTS AND EMOTIONS  The maximum focus being on how a person responds to conflicts and situations including relationships which bring up emotions,whether of love,anger,grief,disgust,happiness or sorrow.

4. RELATIONSHIP WITH THE THERAPIST IS ACTIVELY WORKED UPON BY THE CLIENT AND THE THERAPIST TO GET MAXIMUM BENEFIT OUT OF THERAPY The other key difference is that as therapy progresses both the client and the therapist constantly work on the emotions and reactions in the therapy room as well ,including reactions towards the therapist. These reactions are also worked upon to build a good working relationship with the therapist to get the maximum out of therapy.

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